Various forms of breast nipples

The shape of the nipple varies greatly. There are large and small, and can differ between right and left. Not only the size, the color of each person's nipples can be different. Nipples have begun to form when the baby is still in the womb, which is at 6 weeks of gestation. The nipple is an organ in the middle of the breast and surrounded by dark skin called the areola. Not only to channel breast milk, the nipples also help increase sexual satisfaction, achieve orgasm, to provide clues if there are serious disorders in the breast. Various Health Facts Regarding the Shape of the Nipple Knowing variations in the shape of the nipple, as well as what are the normal signs and what is not, can teach us to be more aware of breast health disorders. Here are some facts about the shape of the nipple. The shape of the nipple is not the same Just like breasts that can be large next to one, the size and shape of breast nipples can also be different. One nipple can be larger, more pr
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